Monday, June 6, 2011

Candles, flowers, crystal, and fingerfood.

I hadn't seen my friend Khulood in over four months.. we only see each other about three times a year anyways! And so, last week I invited her over for dinner. She loves fingerfood and so I started looking through my cookbook trying to find recipes for bite sized meals and canapes etc.. I've never really made fingerfood so yesterday's cooking experience was something new.. I didn't have to use the stove once! And everything was done in less than an hour.

I made a sweet and sour yogurt dip which I served with some crisps, mini burgers, small pizza slices, bruschetta, and chocolate mousse.

The yogurt dip was delicious (and healthy!). All you have to do is take one cup of fresh yogurt and beat it until smooth with around a third cup of sweet and sour sauce. I added some fresh chives to the mixture and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is SO addictive and works great with just about anything- especially breadsticks. Easy!

The pizza slices were also extremely simple and quick. Just take around four pizza bases and spread each with basil pesto. Sprinkle with some pizza cheese and pine nuts and bake for around 15 minutes at 180C. Cut each pizza base into four equal pieces and further slice each piece into three slices. You get 48 pieces with just four pizza bases.

I love the idea of using lots of glasses in a table setting. I've used them as vases and as candy holders. And now for crisps and the dip!

The Chocolate Mousse
 Enjoy the photos!


  1. Anonymous12/5/11 22:56

    Great candlelight pics. Love your style Sid.

  2. Wow - the table and food both look amazing!

  3. Wow - your way of presenting food and tablescapes is just fantastic. It just looks lovely! I love fingerfood too like your friend so I'm sure she loved it.

  4. Some very pretty photos there! Thanks for sharing

  5. What a beautifully set table. Really like your mini cake stand glassware thing!

  6. Such a romantic setting. I too love using lots of clear glasses and candle lights for table settings - makes it look so soft and dreamlike. Way to go girl!!

  7. What a beautifully set table. The finger food you made for your friend sounds wonderful as well. I'm sure you made her feel very special. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Wow... it looks so fancy !! your friend is SO lucky :D... love it !!


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