Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ramadan kareem :)
This blog isn't going as actively as it should, as had been originally planned.
Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say that my blog would be the perfect place for it, other times I'm just blank.
Like now.
Quick note to everyone who celebrates Ramadan: make the most of this month and don't be lazy. Cook for family, send food to friends. Give charity- spontaneously is best. Don't fall into the trap of overcommercialization. This month is not to watch TV shows and adopt the Circadian rhythm of an owl.

As for me, I started a new semester at university last week and it looks like I am already swamped with work. The only issue is that I should feel like tackling the growing pile soon. My courses are pretty interesting this semester as I am taking courses related to my major and what I find interesting. My history course is on the making of modern Europe which I find fascinating. My mass communications course entails research on the media industry in Pakistan. My English course involves a research paper about one of the aspects of consciousness. My psychology research course is about craetivity, and my introduction to IR class is about all the theories and practices common to IR - just the foundation needed for other courses.

I've been cooking some interesting stuff lately, but only is it occasionally that something gets added to my "Classics" list. My tuna sandwiches and berry dessert has made it to that list now which previously included tiramisu, spicy carrot soup, and a vegetable risotto.


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