Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Recipe #2: Brownies

Dom's blog challenges are fun! This month's Random Recipe challenge was to pick out our 18th cookbook and make something randomly from there.

Luckily for me, I organize my cookbooks according to cuisine/course etc.. So my first forty or so are just desserts or baking cookbooks. My 18th cookbook happened to be this lovely little one called "101 Chocolate Treats" by BBC Books/Good Food magazine. I love the 101 series by BBC Books/Good Food.. The books are very cute and tiny and the recipes are extremely simple. Plus, there are pictures for every recipe! Which I love. Anyways, my random recipe turned out to be brownies.

After that I started flipping through the cookbook and came across a recipe which used brownies. It was a trifle with layers of brownies, strawberries, and mascarpone and cream. I wanted to use some of the brownies and make the trifle... but alas, academic responsibilities prevented me from doing so... (you can sense some of that academic feel through my pictures....)

The recipe is fairly simple- I adapted it slightly from the original:

190g dark chocolate, chopped
190g unsalted butter
3 eggs
275 caster sugar
85g self raising flour
45 cocoa butter
60g milk chocolate, chopped
50g white chocolate, chopped (the supermarket was out of white chocolate [!] so I used Cadbury milk chocolate buttons.. luckily I bought two packs since I ate one entire one before I even attempted making the brownies....)

Preheat oven to 180C. Grease and line a 20cm square tin.
Melt chocolate with butter.
Whisk eggs and sugar until thick and creamy.
Pour over chocolate and fold together.
Sift flour and cocoa and fold into chocolate mixture.
Stir in chopped chocolate.
Pour evenly into tin and bake for 25 minutes. Remove from tin when completely cold and cut into individual squares.


  1. What lovely pictures! It makes me just want to kiss these guys' chubby little cheeks. Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! ♥- Katrina

  2. gorgeous!... such lovely photography as usual!... thanks so much for taking part x

  3. I wish I had my books organised like you, instead mine are ordered by the author and then the course ... maybe next time lol. Fab looking brownies, I have this book so I think I may need to pull it off the shelf and have a look through it again.

  4. I can never resist a brownie! These look spot on.

  5. This is the best, looks scrumptious.

  6. The photographs are great Sid, love that old-school tin and the crushed blue paper. Lovely set up.


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