Monday, February 28, 2011

Savoury Biscuits

Are they biscuits or are they cookies?! That's something that's always confuddled me! If I'm not mistaken, I think the American word is cookies whereas the British word is biscuits... I came to that conclusion after flipping through an American cookbook called "Cookies" containing all what I usually call "biscuits".. but for me, cookies are a TYPE of biscuit... the chocolate chip kind, or the oatmeal and raisin kind...

Anyways, moving on... my father can't eat very many sweet things and so he asked me to bake savoury biscuits for him. After some browsing, I came across this recipe which I thought he'd like. I had never made savoury biscuits before and thought it was going to be an interesting experience. Especially since it contained cheese. The recipe looked fairly simple and easy.

And it called for mixing the dough with your hands. Until recently, I always took an aversion to recipes that called for hand mixing or kneading. I fine with elastic-ish bread dough etc but not biscuit dough which was very... soft.. I still find it kind of not-very-enticing when a recipe calls for something that's going to get my hands dirty.. but now, I'd like to think that as I'm getting more dedicated in my cooking, my inhibitions about food-related things in general are decreasing.

I now try making more diverse kinds of food. I also try ordering things that I normally wouldn't when I go out to eat. And, yes, I'm fine(-ish!) with getting my hands messy.

Anyways, back to the biscuits.. I thought they were toooo floury.. but apparently everyone loved them. There's no egg in the recipe and the predominant ingredients are flour and cheese. The dough wasn't coming together very well and so I kept on adding water gradually to increase the sticky consistency of the dough. And at the end, the biscuits looked more like little toasted slices of bread.

Oh, I also replaced fresh/dried rosemary with chives- which I thought would have a stronger flavour.

But, it was fun to make. And it was good to venture into new territory in the world of baking. And everyone loved it! So that is what's important.

Do you have recipes for any good sugar-free or savoury biscuits that I could make?


  1. What a unique biscuit; glad everyone liked it!

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