Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sang Choi Bow

One thing I love making and eating is Sang Choi Bow. It's a wrap made out of LETTUCE and is full of flavours. I don't know how versatile the classic sang choi bow really is.. but I tend to experiment a lot with it.. I add tofu instead of mince and vary the spices and sauces. Here's one I made yesterday with capsicums, bok choy, corn, green beans, and a sauce made of oyster, soy, and sweet chili.


  1. love Sang choi bow. Or Sang Choy bau, or Sung choi bao. I just wish everybody would spell it the same, and then it would be so much easier for me to google recipes.

    Reminds me of Victoria St in Abbotsford, an industrial area of Melbourne, where I used to go to Min Min and eat Sandi's version. It had crispy noodles and peanuts in it, and was accompanied by much screeching in Laotian and her ridiculous flirting with my husband. Lucky the food was good...

  2. looks like it was an enjoyable bite with the sauce in it. never had this...


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