Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tamween Catering Services

As Director of Event Planning for the Model United Nations Committee at university, I am in charge of the gala dinner that we will have at the end of our three day conference. Over the past weeks, I had been in contact with Tamween Catering and I have to say that it is hands down the best catering company that I have dealt with.

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of menus which they had. There is an amazing mix of Indian, Arabic, Italian, and Asian cuisines in meat, chicken, vegetables, and seafood. They are also pretty flexible if you want to move dishes around, as I did. I chose menu six which can be seen in the link here. I added spinach cannelloni, removed the roast lamb, and added chocolate mousse.

We had our food tasting session today and what I expected was that we would get small samples of the food to try, nothing really fancy... but they outdid themselves! A whole buffet table was laid out and our own dining table was set and arranged (WITH the colour choices I had picked for the tablecloths etc..) and we dined in style!

It was a very odd situation as I had not expected a table to be set up and thus hadn't arranged any space for it.. we ended up dining in the corridor of our department offices.. but it was great- the food tasted amazing, and the company as a whole is entirely professional!

Check out their facebook page.

I wish I had pictures but I didn't get a chance to take any! (except one of the table, which ended up blurry)


  1. hi
    i'm thoma. it's impressive that you take such keen interest in baking and diverse topics being a student. most of us are stay at home moms who discovered our passion for cooking not so much by choice always ;P
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    international relations is a subject that really orients you on wht happens around you right? of late i'm very interested in this. i think it's a wiser choice in being realistic than my major, english literature :P
    nice meeting you. will stalk you diligently!!!!!!!!

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