Friday, March 4, 2011

Chocolate for breakfast, anyone?

There's nothing quite like it: waking up from a wonderful slumber to find that you don't even have to get out of bed to devour a scrumptious breakfast. And what can be more decadent than dark chocolate shortbread drops? To have them with berries, of course.

No, that isn't a real kitty.

One of my fail-safe recipes, I've been making these for about four years now. They're super simple, quick, don't take long to bake, and one batch yields about 60 pieces. And everyone loves them. I used Lindt 70% dark chocolate in these biscuits although I want to try making them 85% to see what they'd turn out like. They're extremely versatile and are perfect to serve along with coffee after a dinner party.

I made these for the BBC Good Food charity bake sale at the Taste of Dubai.. and before I packaged them into individual little plastic carriers (blogpost on that soon!), I obviously attempted to style them and take pictures. I'm fairly new to food styling (one week old to be exact) and for that I have to thank all my foodie blogger friends over at Famished in Arabia, especially the lovely ladies who came over for chocolate fest. Everyone has such amazing photography on their blogs that they continuously inspire me to improve mine. Special shout out to Sukaina at Lick my Spoon who made me realize...why aren't I styling my food?! Why aren't I using our crockery as props? So this is my second major attempt at food styling. The first one was last week when I made Pea and Potato Pakoras for Dom at Belleau Kitchen's random recipe blog challenge.

Enjoy the photographs- and indulge in chocolate for breakfast every so often! xx


  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos - I really love the way you have used the natural light. It's very unusual for me to notice the photos before the food!!! I think you have unleashed a wonderful talent for styling+photography+baking.

    Delighted to be following your blog.

  2. Thank you! That really means a lot! <3

  3. true, you do have an eye for styling. it actually understates your write up and recipe...i didn even look for it!!

  4. Count me in! ;) Hey those cookies look more-ish and I loved your styling- totally! Everything's just perfect!


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