Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taste of Dubai

I had a wonderful time at Taste of Dubai this past weekend!

Trying out all the different restaurants was super-fun! I also took part in the BBC Good Food charity bake sale by baking these little chocolate shortbread drops. My cousin gave me the best (and easiest) idea on how to package these little things. Just wrap them in a little clingwrap and tie with a ribbon.

All of us at our foodie group were also blogger supporters (http://www.tasteofdubaifestival.com/home/supporters/).

So I saw this toy and really wanted it. No matter what. Yes, I can act like I'm five years old when I want to. To get it, you had to get the ball in the basket twice in a row. I tried four times. And didn't get it in at all. Anyways that toy was adorable. And I still want it. In case you're wondering, it's the orange monkey thing. Not Mario.

The staff at Certo saw me taking pictures of the decadent white chocolate mousse and starting posing for pictures.

My cousin's cheese manakeesh from Al Nafoorah and my lamb tagine from Almaz by Momo's.

The decadent white chocolate and passion fruit mousse.

Thursday night. Extremely crowded.

I'm not one to use prepared mixes but these were VERY creative! I was so tempted to buy one. Chocolate chip mix, oatmeal and raisin cookie mix, brownie mix.. And all the ingredients look like they're there!

I think this was India Palace's stand... or was it?

The picture didn't turn out right but this place looked magical! Walking on this little path, you'd see fairy lights, little stalls, and lots of people. It reminded me of a festival in a Shakespearean play.


My beautiful cousin Sahar with dynamite shrimp from PF Changs.

P.F. Changs!

Almaz- Momo

Rib Room

SUSHI! Which sadly I did not have.


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