Friday, October 30, 2009

Restaurant reviews

There was this book I got from Canada when I was around ten years old called Everyone's a Critic: The Ultimate Entertainment Review Journal. It's a book you fill in with book, movie, music, and restaurant reviews. At ten I obviously didn't do a very professional job of filling it in and so I searched endlessly online for a new copy- but I can't find any. Some being sold are used- but what's the point if it's already filled in?

So for the restaurant reviews, what I am going to do is use the template in the book to review restaurants here in my blog.

So the in this post I'm going to make a list of my top favorite restaurants in Dubai and will gradually review each of them.

So here's my ultimate list of good restaurants in the UAE (in random order)

Vu's @ Emirates Towers
Al Nafoorah @ Emirates Towers
Spectrum on One @ Fairmont Dubai
Cavalli Club @ Fairmont Dubai
Thai Time @ The Village Mall
Shakespeare & Co. (my two favorites are @ The Village Mall and Safa Centre)
Maya @ Le Royal Meridien
Eau Zone @ The Royal Mirage
Medzo @ Wafi
Lemongrass near Lamcy Plaza

- more to come. I just have to think ^_^

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