Friday, May 21, 2010

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

So today I decided to bake, and I pulled out my Magnolia Bakery cookbook that's been lying patiently on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up. All the cupcakes I make taste fresh and tangy and the icing turns out thin and hard. Today, I wanted to try something that was more "frosting" than icing, so more creamy, less hard, and generally more chewy.

I made plain vanilla cupcakes because I wanted to start with something neutral and I went for chocolate frosting to add a bit of contrast. What I found interesting about these cupcakes as opposed to the ones I usually make is that these required normal, granulated sugar, whereas all the other cupcakes I've baked are made with caster sugar. The recipe was supposed to make two dozen cupcakes but I ended up with thirty. The first batch also took double the time to bake for some reason, I think I did not have it on the right leveled tray in the oven.

Anyways the frosting was a LOT of fun to make and coating the cupcakes was an especially fun business that required a lot of finger licking and subsequent hand-washing!

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