Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Restaurant Review: Circle

Name Circle
Address Beach Park Plaza, Jumeirah Road
Specialties The amazing bagels! And the desserts, especially the Oreo mousse..
Special Gimmicks The menu is like a little newspaper! Very creative.
Ambience Amazing! The best time to come is for breakfast as the sunlight pours in and lights the entire place up. What makes it even brighter is that all the tables and chairs are white. Fresh pink flowers on every table adds lovely contrast.
Favourite table By the window!
Cuisine Modern?
Attire Casual
Prices Moderate.
Who went with me Veronica
Occasion Breakfast
What I ordered Goats cheese and sundried tomato wholewheat bagel
What others had Bagel filled with 0melette
Usual crowd The Jumeirah crowd.
bread entree 10/10, warm lovely bagels!
waiting area usually not necessary, but there are a few tables outside the restaurant.
entertainment some books are available to browse through. The view of Jumeirah Beach Park is also there.
dessert I love every single one. Especially the lemon tart and the Oreo mousse.
atmosphere 8/10
cleanliness 10/10
portion size 8/10
servers 10/10
salad 8/10..
service 9/10
crowd 9/10
parking valet if you wish, or a huge sand pit right next to Beach Park Plaza
Overall 9/10

Sorry for the poor picture quality, it was thanks to my phone!

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