Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Midnight Feast

OK, well maybe the title's a little misleading. It's midnight snacks and not a feast.
The baguette with topping is my own invention that I made a reference to in an earlier post.
I mixed the chili mayo with olives and spread it over the hot, toasted baguette.
HOW does one neatly slice baguette?!
I then put little sprigs of rosemary to garnish each piece. Not exactly gourmet, but nice, yummy, and filling.

The puff pastry that you see is my hurried attempt at these Nutella Mallow Pillow Pockets

The shapes turned out all different with me for some reason! I added sprinklings of cinnamon powder to this. If made smaller, this would be perfect to serve in individual dessert plates alongside a scoop of icecream, some chocolate chips, and a lovely decadent chocolate sauce.

Another version that might work wonderfully with this is raspberries with the Nutella. A dusting of icing sugar to complete the look might also look good.

I'm not happy with my photography today but oh, well! *sigh*

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