Friday, September 24, 2010

Thai Cooking Class at ICCA!

When I was participating at BakeFestDXB (, I met the girl behind who told me that she and a few other food bloggers meet every month to try something new in the world of food! I was so excited to join the group and yesterday we took a Thai cooking class at the International Center for Culinary Arts in Hana Center. It was a lot of fun, I got to meet other food bloggers out there, and it was a very exciting- and delicious-process throughout. We were in pairs of two and my partner was Anja. She has a lovely blog that you can check out here:
I can't seem to find the links for all the other blogs!
Here are some pictures from last night as well as the menu.

shrimpcakes on lemongrass skewers
raw papaya salad with cashews and dressing
vegetable noodles
thai red curry fish with jasmine rice
beef stirfry
pandan leaves and coconut caramel pudding (soo moist, amazing texture, lovely!!!)

Ingredients for the papaya salad dressing.

Cherry tomatoes for the papaya salad. I had no idea cherry tomatoes were used in Thai cooking. I thought it was just a Mediterranean thing.

The delicious papaya salad.

Our noodles- done!

Crispy beef stirfry done! Have I mentioned before how much I love stirfrying?

Thai red curry fish done!

The dessert!

My amazing job at cutting and chopping! I am horrible at this! It was a big challenge for me to get this right!


  1. Yay! you posted up about it too, and so did Elaine! :)

    those pictures of the thai curry and the custard dessert are my favorites...can't wait to cook up a storm with the group again!

  2. Wow, didn't think many of us made an effort to post our event! Fab!

    Nice meeting you.


  3. Anonymous4/10/10 00:53

    Hii Sid ... can u tell us how to make the salad and the sweet plz, its look amazing ..


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