Sunday, September 5, 2010


So here are the results of my first attempt at making macaroons! Raspberry and rosewater flavoured. As you might remember, (if you are an avid and obsessive reader of my blog- which I'm sure of), I took a macaroons cooking class sometime in May at Atelier des Chefs Dubai. This is the first time I make them on my own!- and my second time to make them in total. I tried making them once when I was a total newbie at baking and they ended up looking like soup so that attempt OF COURSE does not count! ;)
Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Bravo for making macarons. They are apparently very difficult to make in high humidity. I'd love to hear more about the class you took.

  2. It's a two or three hour class where you learn three different types of macaroons. Lots of amazing little tips that I hadn't known about, which in the end, I think guaranteed this result! It's apparently better for macaroons to use powdered food colouring instead of liquid food colouring. Still wondering where I can get those in v.small quantities though!


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