Saturday, January 29, 2011

Opening of N_K_D Pizza

Last night was the opening night of N_K_D Pizza in Marina View Towers. Thanks to Sally we were invited to take a special tour of the kitchens where we saw the whole process from start to finish! The owner, Jeff Leach, took us around the different parts of the kitchen and told us about what makes NKD Pizza so different. It combines social media with pizza to create a wonderful, unique platform for networking! Even the opening was a tweet-up!

Everything is natural and the dough used to make the crust is from an ancient method. You can find all the information here. As for the taste, it was phenomenal! The cheese and tomato sauce and the crust were all so FRESH! And I'm not one for pepperoni pizza but I loved this!


  1. Love your post - fresh like the pizza. Still writing mine! Great to see you - lovely pics.

  2. Sorry I missed you there Sid, but good to see all the photos of the kitchen tour!


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