Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cooking with Raisa!

On Monday morning, my friend Raisa came over to make some tiramisu and lamb and corn quesadillas! We made the tiramisu first as it has to be in the fridge for at least three hours, and then we started making the quesadillas... and our eyes started burning with the cut onion!

Tiramisu is so much fun to make as it's all about layering and dipping the savoiardi biscuits in the coffee.. the best part about it is that - as Raisa said- it doesn't need to go into the oven and nothing has to be cooked on a stove. We sprinkled the top of the tiramisu with grated dark chocolate but the tough thing about grating dark chocolate is having it not melt in your fingers. The grated pieces of chocolate (since they are so small) melt super-fast in your hands!

The challenging part of the quesadillas is the process of heating the tortillas filled with the mixture. You have to make sure that the lamb mixture and the cheese sticks somewhat to the bread so as not to make it slippery or loose. I think adding a lot of cheese (so that it melts and stick to both pieces of bread) is essential to getting a successful quesadilla! You also need to pair up each tortilla piece with another piece of matching size!

Enjoy the photographs taken and edited by Raisa! I love the tone! (And be prepared for some edited pictures by me soon! Raisa taught me how to work some of the tools on Photoshop!)

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