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Featuring: Famished in Arabia!

So while I was at #BakeFestDXB in September participating by selling my baked items, I met Arva. Arva mentioned that she was a food blogger and I excitedly said that I was one too (I had only been seriously blogging about food for a month then). She then told me that she and a group of food bloggers had recently set up a group and were going to do something foodie-related each month. I jumped at the opportunity to join. So here I am, almost four months later, blogging about our wonderful group of food bloggers based in Dubai.

The first event that I attended was a Thai cooking class at ICCA , the second event that I attended was Christmas baking at Sally's. Eventually our group got the name of "Famished in Arabia" and here they are:

Sally Prosser: Custard Pie - Welcome to my kitchen in Dubai and my view of life through food-tinted sunglasses.

Reading about, shopping for, planning, and dreaming about food makes up a huge part of my day and I find the urge to feed people I love almost overwhelming.
Join me as I discover lovely places to buy food, try out new recipes, share favourite tastes and experiences and continue the journey of honing my skills in my Dubai-based kitchen.

Dubai has been my home for over a decade; a stint in Saudi Arabia before that and holiday jaunts to various parts of the Middle East have culminated in a love of the region, a warm regard for its inhabitants and a fascination with its varied cuisine (so much more than hummous)
Despite living temperatures of over 40 C at times, my British origins dominate my culinary preferences e.g. lashings of custard!

Edwina Cottino: Mezzaluna, Welcome to my food and photography blog. Here you will find stories about food, life and photography. Born and raised in South Africa, now living in Dubai, I am proudly down to earth. I love all things natural and strive for my photographs to show life and food as it really is, no frills attached!

Elaine Gan Maclaine-Cross: Welcome to Scribblelicious!
I started off as a shy blogger and months later, to a slightly more adventurous writer. Posts that lean towards 'Eat & Review' experiences and bits of home cooking recipes.
Oh, not forgetting my mini offshore episodes in this current bling-bling city i'm in, Dubai!)

Arva Ahmed: A family of extraordinary chefs. A dinner takeout business from my college dorm. Three years of living in New York and traveling to some of the best fed cities in the US. And nourished by the food fanatics who I ironically find myself studying with, rooming with, working with – and even randomly, dancing bhangra at an Indian wedding in Malaysia with. I’m not trying to find excuses for being a glutton, but these come pretty close.

Just as I was on the verge of exploding with the stream of food obsessed consciousness that’s constantly pumping through me, some wise person suggested I spew it all out on a blog. So wise person, here it is – my unadulterated passion for food, and all the dainty, daring and downright disastrous ways in which I ‘live' food in Dubai every day – all up on my blog, I Live in a Frying Pan.

Rajani Mani: 36 years old, UAE based based writer, filmmaker, and puppeteer. I live in Dubai with my husband, and 4 year old daughter. I started blogging in 2008, that was around the time that I had almost stopped working outside of home. I needed something that was special, precious, something that would keep me sane with all the madness in my life at that point. My blog is now a medium for sharing my real passion for food, the right kind of food. Food that tells you stories, food that’s handed down by generations of grandmothers, happy food that revolves around conversations and laughter.

Last year I shifted my rickety blog to a new because I wanted it to grow into something that is beyond recipes. My blog is unique in its content, its probably the ONLY vegetarian blog from the emirates, and its not just about food and recipes, but I also often share my space with professionals from various fields, who are also food enthusiasts, who like to share their world with me.

My blog is a work in progress of the sum total of my life's experiences, both inside and outside the kitchen door. On eatwritethink you will undoubtedly find delicious vegetarian recipes, vintage family recipes, outstanding photoblogs on food, as well as opinions and views on food safety, and food politics.

Chirag N Desai: The naihar food blog started as a small peek into our family passion for cooking, tasting, eating and sharing food. Today it has proudly grown into a collaborative effort among authors passionate about their food, and everything that goes with it. So far, naihar has covered places to eat in Dubai, the US, UK, and India, as well as home-made delicacies. Our goal is a rather simple one: to make you salivate, in addition to giving you some good options for varying food choices.

Debz Ng: The musings of a Singapore Foodie that revolves round her meals and her life in UAE.

I am no chef or professional food critic just a girl on the right side of her twenties who is always on the lookout for good food in her new city. I am staunch believer in good food and truly believes that not all good food is expensive. As much as I love the meal experiences in fine dining restaurants, I also have a passion for street food and hole in the wall diners.

Always on the lookout for fellow lovers of good food.

Bon Appetit: Bon Appetit ( started as a pure restaurant review site but soon branched out to include articles on my travels (where to visit, where to avoid and the food encountered along the way), recipes from the rare occasions I am really blown away by something I’ve made and health-related articles on the impact food can have on chronic conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ankylosing Spondylitis (a type of arthritis). Writing about food has given me a whole new appreciation and interest in the art of cooking as well as forcing me out of my comfort zone to try new restaurants and menu items for the sake of Bon Appetit!

For personal health reasons and as a responsible mum of two small kids I started taking a serious interest in healthy foods and cooking. I looked for sugar alternatives, switched from refined grains to wholegrains, refined flours to whole meal flours. I started experimenting with spices. In fact I started enjoying cooking. I basically took over the kitchen department completely in our house.

When my husband started his blog in March 2009, it was just a matter of time until I started mine too, so I could be near him.....back to back in our tiny study, both of us hacking away on our computer keyboards :-)

Now here we are: welcome to my little but ever expanding personal food journal and cookbook. Join me exploring new ways of healthy eating, "healthy" being based on mostly natural ingredients. I take a special interest in exploring vegetarian, vegan and raw foods as I find them incredibly inventive and tasty. And I have a special weakness for quirky ingredients.

And last, but ehm definitely not least, my own blog- which I'm pretty sure you know about considering you're reading this. My blog is a space for me to share my little adventures in the world of food and entertaining be it, cooking, baking, eating, or throwing dinner parties. I love the complexities of setting the perfect table and I love the sublimity of getting the caramel melted just right.

Here's a little directory for everyone in our little group:

  • Sally Prosser @ My Custard Pie ( Twitter: @sally2hats
  • Elaine @ Scribblelicious (
  • Chirag, Devina and Nikita @ The Naihar Food Blog (
  • Tala Soubra @
  • Debbie @ Singapore Foodie in UAE (
  • Ruth @ Bon Appetit (
  • Anja Schwerin @ Anja’s Food 4 Thought ( )
  • Salman @
  • Dalia @ www.dalia’
  • Sidiqa @
  • Lin (prefers to be called by her twitter ID, @boozychef) @
  • Mary-Kei @
  • Rajani @
  • Edwina @
  • Sukaina @
  • Arva Ahmed @

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