Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Classics

As I've gone on cooking and baking I've come up with certain "classic" dishes of mine. These dishes are ones that were amazing successes, or ones that people have loved and asked for time and time again.

Here are some of savoury and sweet classics:

Fresh tomato and caper penne
Lamb and corn quesadillas
Vegetable risotto
Baked tortellini and vegetables
Rogan josh
Tomato soup with pasta and basil
Pumpkin and sweet potato stew
Fettuccine with rocket pesto and tomato
Shepherd's pie
Beef and eggplant bake with polenta
Chicken chilli stirfry
Spicy chicken fried rice
Satay noodle combo
Chicken cacciatore with polenta
Chicken and spinach pie
Spicy penne with peppers
Mushroom, spinach, and lemon risotto

Crackle cookies
Chocolate shortbread drops
Chocolate buttercream on vanilla cupcakes
Marble cake
Vanilla cupcakes with a lemony, glacé icing
Triple truffle cake (a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and white, dark, and milk chocolate truffles!)
Chocolate self saucing pudding
Berries with orange syrup and mascarpone

These recipes are from cookbooks that I've been using over the years. :)

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