Food and Travel

This is a little section of my blog that provides quick links to all my food and travel related posts. In these posts, you can find pictures of food and restaurants around the world- with some of my 'insight'.


London is known as a city full of arts, music, and good food. London is also renowned for afternoon tea, and in this post, I take you on a little tour of my spontaneous gastronomic experiences in this wonderful city!

My Foodie London  and some kitchen shops in London, Taste of London and Motcomb Street

New York City

Next up is the beautiful, dynamic, and absolutely amazing city of New York. Whatever you want to eat- you'll definitely find it in New York City.

My Foodie New York City


Although Oman is bordering the UAE and although Muscat is around a three hour drive away, I have never been there. Well except for last year when I went to Zighy Bay- but that doesn't really count since Zighy Bay is heaven. 

It is a wonderful and eco-conscious resort in a little sort of lagoon behind huge mountains and right by the sea. Magical. 


Turkey is a wonderful place full of history, culture, and amazing food. It is definitely one of the must see places for EVERYONE. The mixture of old and new and east and west is phenomenal. 

For the in-depth foodie post on Turkey (and Istanbul in particular), click here.

Generally Random

Here's a post about some interesting food photos in Marrakesh, Paris, and Rome. Each of these cities is a gastronomic and culinary wonder in its own right. Who can not like the aromatic spices and herbs in pungent Moroccan cooking, or the wonderful patisseries in Paris, and the culinary miracles of all things Italian in Rome?