Friday, February 18, 2011

My Foodie London

I just came back from a very quick, whirlwind three day trip to London. I went with no agenda whatsoever, no to-do list (which is quite unusual for me). After exploring the lovely town and coming back to Dubai, I looked through all the food-related pictures I had taken and realized that most of them were of something sweet. I guess that says a lot about me and what I like to indulge in.

But here are some of my selections of what I think are the most scrumptious foods I came across!

Laduree- Harrods

When most people hear Laduree- Harrod's, they think of Summer 2010 when all of Khaleeji-land somewhat descended on this little cafe. Overdressed women and loud people were the norm. Sadly, now in February- it still is. But looking beyond the clientele that frequent Laduree, one can appreciate it for what it is. Although its pastries (and especially macarons) have been overexaggeratedly exalted, it has the most amazing French toast I have ever tried. As well as the best hot chocolate. Don't get me wrong- the pastries are wonderful in their own right, but are not phenomenally unique from those at other good pastry shops around the world. Nevertheless, their raspberry macarons are melt-in-your-mouth, eat-20-pieces-and-don't-even-realize amazing.

The Hummingbird Bakery

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Portobello Road for the amazing little market that takes place there on that day. One of the best things about Portobello is that apart from the cute little finds you come across, Hummingbird Bakery is right there! On Saturdays, their Portobello branch has no seating, but we picked up two cupcakes to have on the go- one vanilla on vanilla one, and the other a chocolate malt flavor. I can't believe I forgot how particular to Hummingbird the Red Velvet cupcake is- and so I didn't buy one. I really, really regret that now. The chocolate malt cupcake was an entirely new experience for me- I hadn't tasted anything like that. First of all, it had Maltesers on the frosting- which is one of my favourite chocolates. Second, the cake itself had a very caramel-ish flavour to it- which complemented the frosting perfectly.

Mrs. Kibble's Olde Sweet Shoppe

I love this store for the simple reason that it is an amazing small business (with only two branches) that was started around 4 years ago. It's just the kind of business venture that I like to see nowadays what with huge chain restaurants & cafes, corporations, and franchises invading the whole world. You get the most delicious candy in this store- specifically the English hard-boiled sweets. The truffles are very good, too. I discovered this branch one evening last March as I was strolling- it's hidden in a little lane right behind St. Christopher's Place (which is near James Street behind Oxford Street and Selfridge's).

Wandering through the streets

One of the funnest things to do! I found some amazing shop window displays on Regent Street this year (perhaps because of Valentine's Day!) The chocolate coated strawberries are from Godiva and the multi-tiered white wedding cake is from a cafe whose name I cannot remember- and don't think I even read. And the macarons- I don't know where they're from either. It's a patisserie on Regent Street near Piccadilly Circus on the right.

Fortnum & Mason

I had first seen Fortnum and Mason last year when I went into Hatchard's (a quaint little bookshop) that's right next to it. What attracted me instantly was the interesting and creative window displays. I never went in, though, because I was in a quite a rush. This year, however, I did. And I had not expected what was in store for me (pun not intended)! The ground floor is a food hall with all sorts of finds- exotic teas, amazing candies, and the like. The rest of the departmental store houses women's and men's clothing etc... But the entire store is reminiscent of days long gone. I guess it's because I read way too many Regency era novels- where the lady goes shopping for dresses in a lovely gilt and velvet carriage. The whole place is carpeted and has low ceilings. The staff (particularly the male staff) are dressed in long tail-coats and the items that they sell are all bespoke, elegant, and unique. This place also has the best vanilla fudge ever. I wanted to bring a whole box back to Dubai!

Harrod's and Selfridge's Food Halls

Found this quite amusing.

This would go lovely with an Alfredo sauce!!! Great for kids!

Pierre Herme, best caramel macarons... No pictures allowed but I still got one! The victory!

Jelly Belly! Sadly they've stopped their jalapeno flavour :(


Waiting for Harrod's Food Hall to open, Monday morning.


Afternoon tea at Harrod's Georgian Restaurant

Garganelli with aubergines at Signor Sassi

Scrumptious tangerine. Best part: seedless!

Porridge @ HIX Selfridge's. It fills you up for the entire day.

Slug and Lettuce- Amazing food!

Sunday morning breakfast at My Old Dutch Pancake House in Kensington with my lovely friend Feryal!


  1. As well as this culinary tour of London (you DO like your cakes and pastries don't you!), I really like the new-look blog.

  2. Amazing pics and a great 3 day foodie adventure, you covered a lot of food related ground!

  3. First time in Fortnums, really!

    Great cheese shop across from rear entrance for your next visit.

  4. Loved the post! amazing pics and insights !!

  5. Some really nice shots in there, particularly the macaroons on a stand. I miss portobello rd!

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