Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soft Hands from your Kitchen!

The secret for the softest hands in the world lies not in an amazingly advanced formula from that top Parisian company. Nor does it lie hidden in an old beauty store on the corner of a long forgotten alley. It lies in your kitchen. Well, only if you have olive oil and some sugar.

Anyone who knows me well is fully aware of my obsession with soft hands and nice, neat cuticles. Perhaps because I can never achieve those two for long at a stretch.

So I tried this today after reading about it somewhere a few days ago and absolutely vouch for it! (apologies, can't remember where!). It is better than any of the hundreds of hand creams I've tried or manicures I've gotten.

Take equal amounts of olive oil and sugar (i.e. two tablespoons of each or whatever quantity you wish) and mix them gently. Apply some onto your hands and keep scrubbing. (I suggest doing this over a basin as it can get messy.) Keep scrubbing for as long as you want until you see the oil somewhat soaked into your skin and the sugar crystals... flattened...

Rinse off and then put on some hand cream and wear gloves!

P.S. Try this wherever you want. I had some extra left in the bowl so I put some on my elbows- worked wonders there too!


  1. Oh this sounds awesome! I totally know what you mean by 'for long at a stretch' because no matter what I use NOTHING seems to work.

    Will definitely give this a go- thanks :)

    Also, I suggest using Vaseline collage lotion (purple bottle). Works pretty well, and also the white bottle lotion (moisture renew hypoallergenic)

    - Arfa :)

  2. What a great tip - I'm going to try this.


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