Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Around the World: Entry 2

Here are some random pictures of food and food related things around the world. This entry is not specific to one country because as I mentioned in the last entry (which was about Turkey- the country), I do not have sufficient pictures of food... hmm...

So without further ado...

This is Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech. It's multi-purpose square full of people who sell water, snake charmers, dancers, musicians, and food stalls. This picture was taken during night time when all the food stalls are set up.
- December 2007

This is where my love of macaroons began! Gerard Mulot in Paris. On a quiet street on a Sunday afternoon. They had the best chocolate tarts there as well..
-June, 2008

Caffe Latte with icecream and frothy cream.
-Rome, August 2007
Marrakech, the first Moroccan tea I ever had! I love making it myself now.. it's very easy. All you need are some gunpowder tea leaves, mint, water, and LOTS of sugar!

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