Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen Shops in London

So this post has been "pending"... for around two weeks now. Oh well, I better get it out the way..
Here are some of the stores etc.. that I visited in London which had a good selection of kitchenware.
Not to be missed in Divertimenti on Brompton Road. Just pass Harrods and walk straight down and eventually you'll find it. Divertimenti has a wonderful selection of pots, pans, serving dishes, glasses, and other quirky kitchen items. I loved their shot glasses which can serve as canape dishes or individual dessert dishes. I also found cotton and linen placemats and napkins in something that looks like a kitchen towel roll. Very creative and convenient!
John Lewis's kitchen section on the lower ground floor is again not to be missed. Wide variety of serving dishes in creative designs.
Another shop is Jane Asher on Cale Street. It specializes in baking goods and has a small selection of the basics needed in baking as well as special equipment for sugarcraft.

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  1. Sahar Sharif6/1/11 01:16

    Ive seen Divertimenti in London...if im correct, somewhere near the Knightsbridge Tube station :)
    But, if you loved Divertimenti, then you would really love this place in NYC called Fish's Eddy, its in the Lower East Side, on 19th st and Broadway!
    Amazing Kitchenware, mugs and esp their placemats with the Architectural floor plans on them!
    I had no idea you had a food and cooking blog...I read this post and came across your "cooking with Raisa" one. An awesome read and loved the pics! Keep it up! :)


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