Friday, August 20, 2010


Yes, this is a blog post about napkins. I personally prefer cloth napkins.. as in cotton and linen ones.. instead of paper napkins, but depending on the situation one might work better than the other! Here are some photographs I've taken of napkin rings and napkins. The first one is rotated on its head.. accidentally.. I'm not bothered to change it now so feel free to crane your neck.

Here's an interesting link about napkin etiquette to clear up any confusion you may have:

Some people prefer not to use cloth napkins when serving dishes as it can be a headache to wash and clean. A friend recently suggested this: While you fold your cloth napkin, place a paper napkin of approximately the same size above it... Thus, when your guests unfold their CLOTH napkins, the PAPER napkins will reveal themselves and many people will automatically use the paper napkins as they are more convenient.. only... of course, pick a paper napkin in a plain or matching theme!

I've heard in some places that it's not polite to wipe your mouth with a cloth napkin and that although it's there for you to use, you're not supposed to do much with it except for placing it on your lap.. I'm not sure about this... either way, after the meal, all the napkins will be washed regardless of whether they're dirty or not, so you might as well use it! Only do so discreetly, please.

I kind of suck with paper folding and that sort of thing and I find that napkin folding comes under the same cateNapkins with a Twist: Fabulous Folds with Flair for Every Occasion" by David Stark. gory.. but it's a lot of fun to experiment with!

Here are some good books about napkin folding.
This is one I always use.. I personally favor the Prince of Wales and Throne folds.

Click the "Look Inside" option and see what I mean!

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